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The Most Belligerent, Justice-Themed, Fear-Based Talk Show in America

Do you ever watch the news and just find yourself asking "What ever happened to justice? What ever happened to decency? What ever happened to the Christian, moral fiber that used to bind our nation together like fresh, healthy stool?" 


Well, friends, I'll tell you what happened. The liberals happened. They took it over because they hate our freedom. And they're all in it together - the blacks, the gays, the Jews, the whole mess.


But I'm not gonna stand for it. I'm gonna take back our country. There's gonna be two Bibles in every 

living room and a bazooka on every porch. And white, Christian families will once again be able to walk the streets of their gated communities without fear.


If you're a real American, you're with me. And if you're with me, you'll check for new episodes every week, share the fuck out of them on Facebook, and buy a lot of shit from the store which should appear on the site in a few weeks. Let's do this, America.





real Valerie Justice
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